The « table d'hôtes »

At the Saint Vincent hermitage, Jean offers only the evening to enjoy an Auvergne cuisine full of flavors!
The meal tinged with terroir is generous and qualitative. On the menu, two local stars: Tinel charcuterie from Tinel and Philis (Vieille-Brioude salting, and Brioude, made only with local animals) and Auvergne cheese (Saint-nectaire, among others ...)
Jean cooks his specialties and traditional Auvergne dishes based on quality products. The bread and croissants come from the bakery of Vieille-Brioude, a local size!
Located near Brioude and Blesle, Jean is not stingy of good address, and will advise the best restaurants of the surroundings according to your desires and your budget; (And he tried them all!)


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