The rooms and spaces of the hermitage

Curiosity does not stop at your room and many places in this old priory are worth the visit, the gardens,
the corridors, the dining room, the museum, so much place to eat, stroll, meditate or discover treasures!

The canopy
All in length, on the first floor of the hermitage, this canopy is the ideal place for sunbathing from last winter! In summer, meals are served, you enjoy the sun and the magnificent view of the Allier. It also has direct access to the garden below.

  • dejeuner solarium brioude

The dining room

Beautiful vaulted room, equipped with a beautiful bar counter and all the equipment for meals and breakfast is where you take your meals from the table d'hôtes. In summer, the aperitif will be served in the pebbled courtyard pebbles Allier adjoining.
The hall and its course are suitable for organizing concerts in the summer and also for holding various meetings or seminars.

The art gallery

This is the first space in which you enter upon arriving at the hermitage, this spacious vaulted hall serves as a showroom all year round for different artists. In the summer the town hall of Vielle-Brioude posts a guide and makes the hall a real art gallery.

  • gallerie d'art brioude

The multipurpose room

The multipurpose room is mainly used as a yoga room, Jean being a devout practitioner of this discipline he offers yoga teachers looking for a space suitable for the organization of spiritual retreats or internships to dispose of his room.

However, the room can also be used for other purposes, such as seminars and other meetings.

The courtyard

The courtyard paved with pebbles of the Allier gives directly on the host table of the hermitage and the garden of the vine, we drink the aperitif in summer, we can even eat there! You can discover elements of the exhibition of the museum of the vine as a press and tools, it is also here that it is possible to park motorcycles and cars safely at night.

  • salon de thé brioude
  • musée de la vigne vieille brioude

Garden and museum of the vine

The garden is accessible to tourists and guests of the hermitage, a guided tour will allow you to discover the history and tools of Vieille-Brioude. Beautiful, it overlooks the Allier, and is adorned with the spring of thousands of flowers, it also overlooks the cellars. The historical and explanatory part of the museum is on the front of the church square.